Classes Canceled, Campus Closed Tues., Oct. 29

October 29, 2019 - 10:27am

The HSU campus remains CLOSED and classes are CANCELED on Tuesday, Oct. 29. Campus power is temporarily restored, but PG&E expects another shutdown later today due to predicted weather conditions in nearby counties.

A limited number of student services will be restored while power is on. Priorities include housing and dining areas, the Student Recreation Center (open as of 11 a.m.), and portions of Nelson Hall East. Counseling services will continue to be offered at the J.

HSU is seeking clarity from PG&E regarding the timing of a possible power shutdown. There has been conflicting information from the company, and in local news reports, over the last 24 hours. **Please be aware that any timeline HSU can provide will be an estimate only and could change, depending on a variety of factors including weather and PG&E operational needs.**

As a reminder, please be careful if traveling during or after a power shutdown. Traffic and street lights may be out and there may be wildfires and shutdowns in other regions. You are encouraged to check PG&E and your hometown county website for updated information on any power shutdown, and CalTrans for updates on road conditions and closures.

Students, staff, faculty, and their families are welcome to eat for free at the J until campus reopens. Parking permits are not required on campus until campus reopens. Specific information on dining hours, which buildings on campus have power, course assignments and more, is available in the “Resources & Services” section on the Power Shutdown page

We will provide more details as soon as we have more information. For HSU updates, please check, 707-826-INFO, your HSU email, and HSU Notification texts.

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