Update: Virtual and Face-to-Face Courses to Proceed Amid PSPS

September 8, 2020 - 7:15am

Starting at midnight, PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) affected portions of Humboldt County. Power is expected to be restored by 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 9

The PSPS has not affected Humboldt campus and all virtual and face-to-face courses will proceed as planned for today. Please know there may still be intermittent interruptions in electricity and internet service on campus.

In the unlikely event power is shut down completely on campus for an extended period of time, all in-person instruction will be canceled for the day. 

The outages--which impacted about 3,000 customers locally, including multiple Tribes, and several counties in the state--may cause interruptions to virtual teaching, learning, and telework for students, staff, and faculty who live in the affected areas.

Students who are impacted by power outages and cannot attend class should contact their instructor. Faculty who become impacted by power outages and cannot teach a class should inform their chair and dean and also notify students in their course. We ask instructors to provide flexibility for students who report that they are unable to attend class.  

Please remember that due to COVID-19, non-essential employees impacted by the outages and working virtually should not come to campus so the University can maintain a low campus density.

Staff (including student staff), except for those that are intermittent hourly and per diem, scheduled to work remotely and lose power to their home office will be placed on paid administrative leave until their power is restored. Staff impacted by the power outage should immediately contact their appropriate administrator for further direction. Intermittent hourly employees should be rescheduled when possible. The emergency pay premium provisions in the CSUEU, Teamsters, and IUOE collective bargaining agreements are only in effect when there is a campus closure. 

To lookup your individual address, please utilize the following link: pgealerts.alerts.pge.com/addresslookup.

Please check your Humboldt email and Humboldt Notification texts for updates.

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